Project: FLYLEG No EU49633 Fund: Regional Development Fund (ERF)

Project Description

As a result of project following goals will be fullfilled:

  • The company will create 2 new workplace within three year and reach stabile sale. The project start was January 2016 and duration is 3 year.

The project team is dedicated to change hiking to be comfort for all in the way that set-up of your camp and packing would be fast and enjoyable in any weather condition. And the equipment would help hiker, to feel well in a variety of situations. About our vision and mission more exactly please find in our opening page.

Every sale we do in this webpage is great help and we will use this to develope conception and to manufacture specific equipment which is comfort for regular camper and for militar user.

EAS (Enterprise Estonia) goals of project:

The goal is: to add Flyleg OÜ products into the list of 12 potential reseller for year 2017 in Estonia and/or neighbouring countries.  With the planned action plan, to reach stabile sale of all products within 3 year .  And to grow sale progressivly. To get 500 readers for blog in Estonia and 5000 in English speaking environment. The support by EAS is maximum, until 15 000 eur for this project in case of fullfilling project goals.

With regards,

Sven / Aivar