Skaudi telk (alusmatt + sääsevõrk + suur tarp)
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Scout Tent (unical military solution)


Scout tent, digital jungle green / snow white / olive-blue for scouts and for trekker/traveller who values comfort while staying over night.

Tarp and base mattress are attached with longside zips to form roomy tent for up to 2 person or for one tall person with real large backpack. Very easy set-up with plenty necessary room to stay into, to change clothes and to prepare hike inside.

3 type of frames available:

-full size pop-up frame with mosquito net;

-half-frame with mozquito net (pop-up);

-click-arches with mosquito net.

Basemat heat insulation is adaptable to winter or to summer conditions. Huge pocket at side of head to hold water in warm and/or dry clothers for morning and/or equipment for camper. This is equipment we need at morning to find fast and to stay in our pack without changing location.

The packed tent is attached tightly onto backpack or onto hiker with plug buckles.

In stock (snowwhite and jungle green – digital camo).