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Medic Tent (stretcher with tent solution)


Medic Tent

Designed for medic. An rollable stretcher with compatible poncho to reduce weight and volume drasticly. The poncho attach conviniently onto the stretcher (with replacable heat insulation pocket for  winter use) with zips. This unical solution protects against wind, insects and cold both medic while staying over night and patient while staying onto stretcher. For everyday use it work as basemattress and tent for squad medic. This tent is used by Estonian military specialists as well used by members of volunteer Battalion  in Ukraine war zone.

It provide excellent value (easy to use, reinforced stretcher) for critical situation for evacuation and everyday use to stay real comfort and fast set-up in rainy/snowy and cold areas.

There are several adaptions specific to medic work, to provide critical, and life saving values for users.