Clips by Grey Fox

June 18, 2016

The medic’s mattress was designed for medics to be used in the War in Donbass in Ukraine. It gave us valuable feedback in order to make the mattress more accessible and comfortable, making it possible to serve as a tent for the medic (for staying overnight; with zippers at the sides), or serve as a practical stretcher for performing a medic’s duties. Here is a short summary to demonstrate the possibilities.


A modular tent built of three single tents. The Scout’s Tent is popular because it is comfortable, similar possibilities are not available in alternative solutions and it can be easily understood by its users.


Introduction of Flyleg OÜ – Grey Fox

Stretcher – a completely unique solution for military and civilian use. It is a unique solution whose single elements were in use in World War II. Headwear provides protection against mosquitoes as well as rain with or without a helmet. Camouflage is an added feature (de-masking elements such as shoulder straps, buckles, and the helmet with a characteristic combatant’s profile, etc. cannot be seen), and simplicity is just as important. All in all, it serves as just one headwear item instead of several.