Mission & Vision

With Grey Fox you have the freedom to go no matter the weather.

Our team is dedicated to prove that being in nature can be comfotrtable with the equipment being compact, multiuse and easy to move in. Our company products help to support, through hikers, mobility, healthy lifestyles and stress mitigation that improves ability to work and life that is lived healthily.

Camping &  Military Equipment


Grey Fox designs and develops functional military and camping equipment in Estonia for experienced campers and nature enthusiasts.

GreyFox gears are good, because we pay a lot of attention to the quality of speed to assembly and unpacking. Our different products models fit together and complementary each other that decreases the gears weight that simplifies hiking. The products are designed and made in European Union.

All the products models are made for specific tasks to meet the needs in any season and weather conditions. Our goal is to support comfortable camping with less and same time relevant gears.

GreyFox unique solutions are designed for hikers that moving on feet and that means that all the gear fit into the packpack, on a bike or in a car trunk.